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Sunday, 11 February 2018

#review @theLovelyEggs @PorkythePoet @Mousestheband @thecluny 11/02/2018


Lovely Eggs

Seriously though, when you get a band like Mouses opening with songs about cross dressing, Hollywood, Feet and Worm you know you're in for a good night. Anarchic, confident, in-your-face and off-the-stage at one point, Mouses really got the big Cluny crowd going. I've seen them before but they seem to have cranked the madness up to 11. They are like Fraggles on speed. This is not a bad thing. Mouses just seem to be getting better. 



Porky the Poet (Phill Jupitus) started his set with a poems about Beano characters growing up. It was clear to me looking at the age range of the crowd that a large number were influenced to give a punk rock night a go, by the presence of a familiar BBC comedy face. However the balance worked really well. Phill's poem about supporting Madness was a hoot as was the one about fat mods. Relateable poetry presentle with expert comedy timing. 

Strongbow and Poetry Break while amp gets sorted.

The anarchy continued when the Lovely Eggs came on. Technical issues seemed to bother them more than the audience who lapped up People are Twats, Digital Accordion, I Shouldn't Have Said That and Fuck It. The fourth wall had dissolved with the Mouses and one audience memebr was invited to bring his interpretive dancing to the stage. This only fed the mayhem, and I'm sure he'll be telling his grandkids about this in the future. The Lovely Eggs are made up of just two people: Holly Ross and David Blackwell who create something that is way bigger than the sum of themselves. They make use of loop pedals and effects to make massive psychedelic trippy soundscapes at times which do a canny job of massing with one's brain. One thing puzzled me: how do the Lovely Eggs maintain their trim physiques whilst being massive fans of E.A.E.A.E.A.E.A TING? A great night of music and poetry not to be missed. 

Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs
Photos ©jowheretogo and slightly hampered by the big speakers hanging off the stage. Great sound though.

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