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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Review: To Kill a King, Fours and Soham De "All Killer, no Filler" @TheCluny 15/01/2018

Review: To Kill a King, Fours and Soham De
All Killer, no Filler
The Cluny 15/01/2018

The respectably-sized crowd at The Cluny were treated to a rare thing at this gig. All three acts were outstanding. Soham De opened with his thoughtful songs with beautiful minimalist guitar and his soulful voice. I get the impression he will go far and still has more to give as a songwriter and performer. He says he doesn’t tend to name songs however his website is coming along nicely and look out for his upcoming single Brave.

 Fours consists of a frontwoman, Edith Violet and three amazing blokes providing the live backing, drums and bass in addition to sparkly synth loops that life the indie to indie pop in a rather magical way. They could be compared to Florence and the Machine but I’m just not fussed with FATM and Fours did something more to get the audience dancing: they moved them emotionally.They play with enthusiasm that’s infectious and they are musically, visually and personality-wise a superb pop package. They have a clear songwriting talent behind them too and their new single  Sweet Reality is out soon. Their music can be found on Spotify via their website :

To Kill A King have somehow passed me by up to now. I’m not sure how they are not all over the airwaves with the stunning set of songs they have at their disposal. Songs of the modern world and its loss of its soul like Spiritual Dark Age and Good Old Days somehow manage to move from quiet and impassioned pieces to massive anthemic numbers in a heartbeat. They manage to go through an entire set without a single musical turkey. It’s just all so good.

Lead vocalist Ralph Pelleymounter has a versatile vocal range that moves between a deep cross between George Ezra and Louis Armstrong up to expressive high pitched singing, when required. The whole band seem to contribute to the vocal harmonies with keyboard player Ben Jackson adding other-worldly and choral effects that just add to the musical soundscape. It was fantastic to see a band so together and fully invested in the sound. Joshua Taffel on drums, was extraordinary in his passionate playing. The sound was completed with James Ball on bass and Grant McNeil on guitar. Everyone in the band never missed a beat. The audience danced and sang through songs like My God and Your God, and Fictional State: they were definitely fans.  We were so impressed we bought a copy of the new album Spiritual Dark Age and a T Shirt. Definitely a gig to remember. I don’t like overuse of superlatives in reviews but as a live band, To Kill a King are an absolute triumph. See them, as soon as you can. Visite their website:

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