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Sunday, 26 November 2017

A new #horror film made in #northeastengland by #taxiforotis some words from creator @WarrenSpeed

Northeast Horror Film Maker
Warren Speed on his films Coulrophobia and Dirty Tuppence

Is this the return of the video nasty?

“I have wanted to make horror movies since I was twelve years old,” says British film-maker
Warren Speed. “And I am very excited about my third release since 2010 - Coulrophobia -
which is about a group of kick-ass roller derby girls who go camping in the wilderness, only to
be abducted by a bizarre family of isolated ex-circus performers. The girls are forced to
endure a series of insane gameshow-esque challenges before they escape and then fight for
their lives in a gruesome war of survival with the freakshow family.

Coulrophobia is released on DVD/VOD in the UK on Nov 13 (and then worldwide in Feb
2018). Furthermore Warren is now in pre-production for his fourth movie Dirty Tuppence -
about the most deluded rock band on the planet, a useless serial killer and a pair of inept
private investigators.

Warren’s first two movies are the well known trashy B-movies Zombie Women of Satan 1 &2, featuring the salacious lead character Pervo The Clown (played by Warren himself),
hordes of sexy zombie women and buckets of gore and comedy. Although Warren is keen to
point out that both Coulrophobia and Dirty Tuppence have very little in common with his
zombie films – “I’m moving away from the crude, lewd and low-brow comedy of my first two
movies. They definitely created their own little buzz, but in future I’ll be concentrating on
more mainstream features that whilst still being quirky and off-the-wall are not so
shamelessly in bad taste!”

Coulrophobia has taken Warren and his team three and half years from start to finish. It
was filmed primarily on twenty acres of private woodland, where Warren camped for six
weeks solid. “It was a hell of an experience, in more ways than one,” Warren tells us. “There
were some bad days and nights, like the time me and a friend had to stay up all night bailing
water off the roof of the ‘big top’ tent due to a thunderstorm! But overall, it was an amazing
experience where I practically lost touch with the outside world. And despite post production
taking an eternity due to many different reasons, we’ve finally ended up with a ninety minute
movie I am very proud of !”

Warren (who also acts as well as writing and directing), does not hide the fact that he was
diagnosed as bi-polar (manic depressive) twelve years ago … and actually considers it to be
a virtual "super power" due to the energy it often gives him in being hyper creative and
productive. From his experiences in making movies since 2009 he now knows how to
maximise the benefits of his mental health ‘disorder’, whilst minimizing the disadvantages.
For example, he physically collapsed with exhaustion on his first three films due to working
almost non-stop … and now knows he must have at least five hours sleep a night during the
intensity of film shoots. However, Warren goes as far to say that he doesn't think he would
have made even one movie if he wasn't bi-polar.

Besides his movies, Warren’s previous achievements include being Europe's longest serving
male burlesque performer (he started in 2005 and has performed alongside such stars as
Dita Von Teese), a stand-up comedian for seven years (he gave Sarah Millican all her first
gigs), the promoter and DJ at the very popular monthly ‘Grindhouse Rock Night’ in Newcastle 
(England) … as well as having once spent a very interesting eleven months as an “Avon
Lady” !

Coulrophobia is available on DVD and VOD from Nov 13 from
And you can read more about Dirty Tuppence and check out all the weird and wonderful
perks on offer in their crowd-funding campaign to improve the film’s SFX at ….


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