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Friday, 24 March 2017

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Ska Party!

Sonic Boom Six returned to Newcastle this week, and what a great night!

The local support bands Kahuna and Fire Lady Luck were absolute gems. Fire Lady Luck, on first, had a touch of the Jellys about them , with the singalong harmonised vocals and  guitar chipper melodies. Kahuna were more ska and clearly perfectionists in their craft. 

The Ghouls, on tour with Sonic Boom Six, were seriously good ska. Plenty of great songs and onstage energy. The crowd really got going by this point


By the time Sonic Boom Six came to the stage, the crowd were well fired up by this quality lineup. Their new album The F-Bomb provided some of the set, but they didn't ignore the back catalogue. Sonic Boom Six have come a long way in the last decade. I'd say to some degree they've come full circle, with a more ska sound in the new album. However, For The Kids of the Multiculture and Virus really got the crowd bouncing and a human pyramid growing. It was a good-natured crowd too, which was great to see. One lad with a massive mohican requested Northern Skies, Laila (female lead vocalist) asked him why he wanted that song. "Because it's a lovely song" he replied. Aww. It became a proper midweek party. Sonic Boom Six gigs, possibly the best gigs in the world. Don't miss the next one. 

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