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Friday, 26 February 2016

Heat 1 of the #metal2themasses @bloodstockfest comp with @rftkpromotions a mini #review in #Photos

A Night of Rocking Tunes and Also, Lovely Hair!

The bands and audience gathered at Trillians for the first heat of the competition to get the chance to play Bloodstock Festival. It was a superb night of diverse styles of rock and metal, with every band giving an outstanding performance. 

My personal marks out of 10 for the competing bands:

Shards of Ruin….dramatic guitar and falsetto vocals reminiscent of Helloween. Great looking band. 7.5

Guilt City….fast guitars, volume up to 11. Harmonising riffs and aggressive tones. Still somehow manage to be catchy and worth putting on in the car. 8.5

Black Nevada have evolved and  polished their sound and have a danceable hard rock style in the same musical continent as Papa Roach. They have really grown musically since I last saw them.8

Dogsflesh… tuneful thrash,  had me thinking it's years since I listened to that Nuclear Assault album… House of Cards was a pleasing Psychobilly Thrash which was a nice change. 7

Hellion Rising are a polished heavy rock outfit with a presence on stage that seems festival-ready. A very professional team. And gorgeous hair I could watch for hours! 8.51 (!)

More RFTK Promotions gigs coming up...

The second heat of Metal2TheMasses is on 31st March at Trillians, with more great bands.

But first: 

Jowheretogo provides photography and PR services. All photos ©Jowheretogo 2016. There will be a charge if you want to use them other than sharing the watermarked image on social media...the studio, equipment and pasties don't pay for themselves!

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