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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

@JacksMatesFilms reveal #MurderAtDawn #MAD on #Halloween #indiefilm #supportindiefilm #northeasthour

Jack's Mates Films Announces Opening of
 "M.A.D: Murder at Dawn"

Newcastle, UK - Jack's Mates Films are proud to announce the opening of "MAD: Murder at Dawn", a Halloween drama starring Jamie McKay, Dennis Baer, Martin Smith and Carl Walker, and making his debut at directing is actor Martin Owens-Cairns.

M.A.D: Murder at Dawn is the story of David (Jamie McKay), a college student, who attends a pre-halloween party with friends. At the party Jon (Carl Walker) notices his girlfriend dancing with another man, Mike (Martin Owens-Cairns), his college friend, and becomes insanely jealous. He follows them upstairs where he finds them  embracing. Furious at the sight he threatens Mike with murder. The next day Mike is found dead. David accuses Jon of said Murder but was it really him? Or was Mike a wanted man? It is up to DCI Rogers (Dennis Baer) and DS Boone (Martin Smith) to work that out.

Jamie McKay stars in this movie, as his debut performance in the lead. Starring with local veterans of the screen Dennis Baer. With appearences from Rod Glenn, Mark Burns, Mark Bolton, Hedley Sugar-Wells, Peter Round, Eilidh Talman, Tyne Stewart, Sophie Dixon, Leanne Hollick and Carll Armstrong. 

The film will be released on Halloween night 2015 at 7pm on Youtube. For more information or if you are interested in appearing in any future projects contact chairman Martin Owens-Cairns at Jack's Mates Films:



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