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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

@RFTKPromotions #livereview @DogFashionDiso and @Psychostick at @TheCluny 13/09/15 also gigs from @HanzelUndGretyl and @SkarlettRiot

Psychostick and Dog Fashion Disco at The Cluny 13/09/2015

A respectably sized crowd filled the Cluny in anticipation of a night of raucous metal with American band Psychostick and Dog Fashion Disco. The bands are clearly enjoying the UK tour, for Psychostick, their first visit over here.

Dog Fashion Disco are a very talented group of musicians with music that shows possible influences as diverse as early Black Sabbath, Faith No More and Slayer. The variation in the music made it more than just metal, with jazz and ska making an appearance in some songs. Not content to just play on stage, Jason Stepp,  guitarist, jumped into the crowd to create a mosh pit in the very polite audience. The throng had no choice but to be part of the gig. The many years of experience showed in this performance, and vocalist Todd Smith really has a versatile voice, flipping styles to fit the songs.

Psychostick achieve something at which many bands fail. They combine metal with comedy. Observational humour about everyday struggles is turned into roaring hardcore metal. I was reminded of gigs in the early 90s with comedy thrash band Lawnmower Deth who also had audiences ready to do special dances and even had catchphrases. Psychostick treated the smiling crowd to songs about subjects itching nether regions, boobs and a less than reliable car. The performance is choreographed for comic effect and the music is infectiously heavy. Without the skill so obviously possessed by all the band members this could have been a one off novelty, but no Psychostick is a keeper. The two bands made for a very satisfying gig, I would certainly recommend catching them on another date.

Words and pictures © Joanne Oliver for Jowheretogo

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