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Friday, 21 August 2015

Thanks to @rftkpromotions Coming to #Newcastle 13th Sept: @DogfashionDisco and @Psychostick #videos to get a taste!

Touring their new album Ad Nauseum, Dog Fashion Disco are dragging along Psychostick to add to the madness at The Cluny on the 13th September.

The Cluny has been recognised as one of the best music venues in the country and so where better to experience this totally mental lineup?

"Dog Fashion Disco started in 1998 by 5 high school friends, made some records, toured a lot, broke up in 2007. Formed Polkadot Cadaver, made some records, toured a lot. Decided being broken up was dumb in 2014. Did crowd funding campaign for a new album and raised $85K... come to find out people actually give a shit. Heavily influenced by bands such as Mr Bungle this promises to be off the hook.
Check out War Party-

Psychostick are What happens when two best friends who grew up listening to Weird Al and Pantera decide to start a band combining crunching riffs and laugh-out-loud lyrics. Psychostick happens, happened, and continues to happen. Vocalist Rob Kersey and guitarist Josh Key teamed up with drummer Alex Dontre and Matty J "Moose" to create some of the most off-the-wall records to ever reach store shelves. Backed up by a fleet of viral-sensation online videos and an insane live show that few can forget, Psychostick has proven year after year that they refuse to be ignored. And the fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Now residing in Chicago, IL with four hard-hitting comedic albums behind them – We Couldn't Think of a Title (2006), their holiday album The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride (2007), Sandwich (2009), and Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D (2011) - the nearly 100 percent do-it-yourself band Psychostick returns with their latest offering: The crowd-funded album Revenge of The Vengeance out on November 4, 2014. (fan thank you video -

Featuring an eye-brow raising track list that includes previously released singles such as the manly beard anthem Obey The Beard - 

 and over-night internet hit Dogs Like Socks- 

plus new tracks Quack Kills, So. Heavy., Blue Screen, and a tribute to the 21st century's most beloved action super hero Bruce Campbell, Psychostick aims to please their cult-like following while maintaining steady growth as new fans discover this one-of-a-kind project."

Here's the event on Facebook...

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