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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

@MurphysLegacy #IrishDance reborn at the @Sage_Gatehead #discount #ticket offer

Murphy’s Legacy, an exhilarating new Irish Dance show from former  ‘Lord of the Dance’ and ‘Riverdance’ stars is set to launch its world premiere at Sage Gateshead on 31st January 2015.

North East born Chris Hannon, a former lead dancer in ‘Lord of the Dance’, has joined forces with worldwide dance sensation Zach Klingenberg, fellow female lead Katrina Hesketh and world dance champion Kaila-Lee McManus to bring you the next Irish Dance phenomenon.

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The Legacy

The Emerald Isle was once a welcoming place, full of fun, peace and tranquillity. However, it was torn apart after years of clan fighting which had left Ireland in complete turmoil. The Murphys, residents of the once beautiful land were in search of a new home, to escape all of the hurt and bad memories. Little did they know their new home, Ishan, was not a welcoming place.

Murphy’s Legacy is a dark yet inspiring tale of courageousness and loss. How far would you go, to save the ones you love? What would you sacrifice, in order to finally achieve peace? These are tough questions that nobody ever wants to face, but when examined, make for extraordinary viewing.

Despite its origins, Murphy’s Legacy spiritually lies in the North East of England. Show creator Chris Hannon, a former male lead in ‘Lord of The Dance’ and co-owner of the internationally recognised North East based ‘Hannon Murphy School of Irish Dancing’, joins forces with worldwide dance sensations US based Zach Klingenberg, fellow former female lead Katrina Hesketh and dance champion Kaila-Lee McManus to bring you what is sure to be a new Irish Dance global phenomenon.

Don’t blink, for this is no ordinary Irish Dance performance, it is a battle of styles, a clash of colours. Murphy’s strong cast give an invigorating performance of traditional Irish Dance, with dark cinematic undertones, creating a show like no other.

This is Irish Dance reborn.

The Story Behind The Story

Behind every great stage production there is an equally enticing story of inspiration and imagination. The Murphy’s Legacy project is one which has been building and developing for Chris Hannon the show creator throughout his whole life…

After spending 13 years in the world renowned ‘Lord of the Dance’ show, Chris always had the desire to find the very best dancers and choreograph a show himself. His biggest inspiration, and the name behind Murphy’s Legacy, comes from Chris’s grandmother Patricia Livingstone, who not only taught Chris to dance as a young boy, but also put Irish Dancing firmly on the map in the North East of England. Music and dance were a huge part of Patricia’s life and her talent was passed down to her daughter Kathleen, and together they have built up one of the most successful dance schools in the region – the ‘Hannon Murphy School of Irish Dancing’. Immersed in this dance background, and lucky enough to work with such a wonderful mix of teachers and fellow dancers, Chris’s dream of producing and choreographing a new Irish Dance show flourished.

After producing four pilot shows throughout 2013, Chris knew that the time was finally right – and now with the best team of people behind him – Murphy’s Legacy could truly become a huge hit. After a chance meeting late last year with John Elliott, an international artist and musical composer and an introduction to music business expert Andrew Archer, both co-owners at Loft Music, the project came together with full momentum. With new musical compositions from Loft, world-class dance choreography from a hybrid of US and UK origins, the heart and desire from Chris, not to mention the fantastic cast of internationally prestigious dancers and musicians, Murphy’s Legacy is set to blow the roof off its world premiere venue Sage Gateshead on the 31st January 2015 and succeed in many venues around the world for years to come.

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