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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

@rubricUK launching #thegame EP at @TheIvyHouse #Sunderland 1/11/14

Rubric :The Game
Pre-order from Amazon, Itunes pre-order coming soon.

Launch gig at The Ivy House, Worcester Terrace, Sunderland on the 1st November, support from The John Doe Experiment, and Alex Saxon & Jack Foster.

This is going to be a great gig, I was in rehearsals with Rubric recently and they blew me away with their musical skills, clever but very cool.

Rubric is an original blues/jazz fusion band formed in the North of England in 2011.

They describe themselves as a "musical democracy" consisting of Chris Binding on vocals and guitar, Andrew Bell on guitar, Rob Caroll on bass and Helen Whitford on drums. The entire band have had a hand in creating the songs on The Game. Influences from prog rock, metal, jazz, blues and classical all play a part in The Game. The band's members collaborate to create music that is technical but not self-indulgent and with a fun generic slant.

The title track is an ode to the infinite game between the sexes, a funked up jazzy number that  gets you moving from your seat unless, of course you have a deactivated groove gland.

Here's Rubric playing The Game at  a live outing at the Voodoo Lounge

Click to play The Game live video

The kinetic lyrics continue in the rockier Throw The First Stone,  inspired by a eccentric friend who just didn't care what the world expected of him.  is no less funky, and promises to be a very enjoyable live track. 

Dead Things is a song from the point of view of an apocalyptic Earth complaining in a high energy bluesy manner about the failings of its inhabitants. 

A Matter of Rapport  has a touch of metal, with prog rock tendencies and some great guitar work before it just stops, no fade. This is a tasty portion of what could be a great album. You want more? Rubric are busy writing and will be shortly back in the studio. 

I hope you enjoy this EP as much as we are still enjoying it at Jowheretogo PR. 

Rubric can be found on Facebook :

and on Twitter : @RubricUK

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