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Monday, 12 May 2014

Review: Peculiar Disco Moves "Lost For Words" Launch gig 09/05/2014

Time Travelling Treats

The Mining Institute is becoming a favourite venue of mine. Whether in the large stain glass windowed library or the small room we were in, the Institute has a number of interesting old rooms and is well worth a visit. This room was particularly suited to this launch party, due to its "large living room" feeling and the handy adjoining, reasonably priced bar.

First on was Ani Sandwith, a young singer songwriter with a lush bluesy voice, an ability to write good tunes and very busy piano fingers. Ani can be heard playing as a part of Michael Blackwell's band and so will be involved in the recording of his album as well as her own new EP.

So What Robot came on and blasted through a number of their older and newer tracks including their latest single In Love With Love with their usual enthusiasm winning themselves a few new fans in the process. This was developing into a really fun evening. 

Peculiar Disco Moves have been gracing stages with their eccentric style for the last 4 years. This performance proved to be their best in a bunch of recent gigs and festivals. The band has really developed their style as  a group that enjoy taking to the stage and putting on a show. Alix (piano/vocals), Pav (guitar/vocals), Proud (bass/vocals) and the all new Meghann (synth/vocals) dished up the trademark harmonies with extra gusto this night.  A special costume change for the new single Lost For Words was a pleasant surprise, and there was a special appearance of the expertly designed (cardboard) "Peculiar Time Mover" time machine from the video.

The night continued with chatting in the ante-room bar, this was a truly great gig and the mood was bubbling. 

Peculiar Disco Moves are soon to be seen at The Headlander Festival on 21st June,  The Ripley Music Festival  13th July am and whizzing back up to Northumberland the same day for the Woodhorn Festival in the evening. More dates are to be announced. Download Lost For Words from the band's Bandcamp

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