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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Gig Review: Dingus Khan at the Heart Attack and Vine

Entropy, yes that sums it up really 

A change to the lineup due to unforeseen circumstances was not going to put a dampener on the evening's proceedings. The gig, put on by "Confusion is Next" promotions, or Linsey Teggert, was bigged up by the NME as definitely a gig to go to. It was also plugged by the Jowheretogo Show on NE1fm, I know this, because I am she who presents the show and played Dingus Khan's "Knifey Spooney" in the hope a few listeners would be inspired as I was, to go to the gig.

The venue, Heart Attack and Vine, is perfect for a small gig, at it appears, minimal expense. A room for about 70 people, 2 loos, nicely rectangular so you can set up your stage at one end (of the room not the bogs). There is no bar, not even a cool box full of pop, so you need to bring your own or use the Cluny for refreshment. Set up to look a bit homely, using, paint, drapes, pictures and standard lamps. Spot on compared to some pubs with their odd-shaped rooms. No Acrobatic Society or Lunn Poly, sadly, but instead Yellow Creatures, drafted in at short notice. I was pleased to finally get to see the Creatures live, as they turned out to be highly skilled musicians with an ability to create complex soundscapes and get the feet tapping in a kind of "Joy Division and the Doors on happy pills" way. I look forward to their "Nature of the Beast"  EP due for release on 6th of May. Check their website for news:

Yellow Creatures: awful lighting, so I'm improvising here!
After a break, when people have time to nip out for a tab and pick up a plastic beaker of beer from across the road at the Cluny, we were treated to the raw rock of The Rivals. These instantly struck a cord with me. They have a real passion for the music, and it shows in their performance. It was loud, big, and kind of emotional. Their first release "Wax/ Here Comes the Neighbourhood" is available thought their website:, and you can find out there when you can next get an opportunity enjoy their live show.

The Rivals:, improvising.  

Another beer break (I was on the alcohol free, dammit, the beer at the Cluny is lush!), and on came the 3 drum kits, the 2 basses, the electric uke and the single guitar of Dingus Khan. Do they really need 3 drum kits? Well, yes they do! The manic direction of their music is certainly enhanced by the extra percussive drive. This is a band that comprises 8 guys who seem to be all utterly "in the moment", nothing matters, just belting out tunes that describe a number of highly inadvisable activities. Although "drinking of the milk of every mammal" might have some nutritional benefits.
Josh the uke player and bearer of photogenic dreads

All seemed well at the Heart Attack and Vine, with the music and relative onstage madness moving at a breakneck but respectable rate. Then the large inflatable swan which was propped ominously at the back of the room came to the front of the small crowd (naming no names, you know who you are!), and a very drunk fella, who I am pretty sure now is a member of the band, I've watched the video, I could be wrong, invaded the stage to various degrees until he was actually providing "vocals" and causing much chaos among the cables on the stage. The stage/crowd border became non existent, I had the backside of an enormous swan dancing in my face. Gig entropy ensued. It was great.
Dinghus Khan: vocalist Ben

As I drove away from the gig I saw what looked like a mildly bewildered Dingus Khan gathered around their tour van. Bless them, I hope they had somewhere to sleep before Edinburgh. That should be a good one! You can keep an eye on the happenings of Dingus Khan at their website: and they have sensibly posted their music videos on there as well. Except for the fabulous "Knifey Spooney" which is here on YouTube. Swans are important to Dingus Khan, especially those in Mistley, Essex. Their album "Support Mistley Swans" is available on Amazon.

Tom or Adam! On bass, there are 2!

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