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Thursday, 7 February 2013

#MMBE & What's on in Newcastle/Gateshead from 11th to 18th Feb

A few words about the blog

      I've said this is a work in progress, and while its been great creating each blog and then presenting a radio show about it, I have to realise what is a good use of my time. Every week I will bring you news of what's on in Newcastle and Gateshead on NE1fm at 12pm on a Monday. But I won't be putting all the dates and info on the blog. This is because this information is out there on listings sites, Facebook events pages, listings mags and I'm trying to do the job of a team of journalists doing this.The new Jowheretogo website will feature gigs that catch my eye, and artists and performers you need to know about. Every project has a time of evolution, and as it's not yet a business, its the right time to get things right. So I'll be writing more reviews, as I was hoping to before all this took over, and giving new music, comedy and theatre a PR boost as well.

Finding my place in the Music Business

      Last year I was made redundant and felt it was time to retrain in something I'm really interested in. I found out about the MMBE (Managing a Music Business Enterprise). This course is taught at Gateshead College by Generator who are known for their programmes of music business development in the north. The staff at Generator are experienced music business professionals who have experienced the highs and lows of working with, as and for musicians. With their contacts in the business, it isn't too difficult for the class to be treated to an audience with a real music high flyer.
      The class were invited to the "Music Futures" conference at the Live Theatre in November 2012 where we could benefit from  knowledge and advice from people such as Nick Detnon, the highly charismatic manager of Dizzee Rascal, Mercury Music's Mike Smith, Alison Wenham of AIM (Association of Independent Music) and many more including Coldplay's web "Oracle" Debs Wild. It was a great day for networking and finding out about marketing campaigns, the growing role of independent labels in nurturing talent and the many different careers open to people who love music.
      Since then in our sessions at Gateshead College have included visits from Polly Comber and Ronnie Gurr. Polly had done many years in the music business and got the Stereophonics signed to V2 after being hugely impressed with them as a live band. She now manages Bastille and Ghostwriter and had much to tell us about the artist/manager relationships & the "gut feeling" you get when you find that perfect band or artist. Ronnie was the A&R link at V2 when Stereophonics were signed. His visit yesterday was most enlightening! Musicians can be complex personalities, which can give a lot of anecdotes for the future! Ronnie started writing for music press, then in A&R and in-house publicity for a label. He worked with bands such as Danny Wilson, Simple Minds, and Jimmy Nail (!) before moving on and helping set up V2 where he worked with bands like Culture Club. He now works with the Scottish Qualification Authority developing music industry education in Scotland.
      Last night was a taster session for the next MMBE course. There will be more so keep an eye on the Generator website if you want to learn about the ins and outs of the music business, marketing, legal, financial   and not forgetting the musical. Every part of the business is covered...being an artist, a manager, a promoter, a PR specialist, starting a label, publishing, & artists' rights. The aim is to finish the course with a good business plan, if not a business.


Monday 11th to Saturday 16th Feb

Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" is at the Theatre Royal, the box office smash comes to Newcastle.

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th February

Canary Gold at Northern Stage is a story of mystery on the high seas as a dusty old bottle is claimed to be a rare and expensive Canarian wine. You are invited to work out after meeting the characters of Canary Wharf (a chance for a dig at those pesky bankers) and traders, who the real pirates are. With live music and a lot of satire this is a collaboration between Theatre Sans Frontieres and Teatra Tamaska.

 Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February

Toy Stories at Live Theatre explores the world of toys. Are they just products, or do they have a life of their own, and ability to stimulate the imagination of the owner? This is a production by Live's Youth Theatre and is suitable for the whole family.

Tuesday 19th to Wednesday 20th

Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo are at the Theatre Royal. A ballet troupe like like no other, combining amazing ballets skills and tutus with hairy chests and whole lot of humour. I actually fancy this, it looks a laugh!

Les Ballet trockadero de Monte Carlo (pic from Theatre Royal website)
Wednesday 20th February

Eros and Psyche by The Crick Crack Club's Sally Pomme who dissects the story of  Eros , sent by Aphrodite to kill the beautiful mortal Psyche of whom she is jealous, while Socrates and his mates discuss the path of love, over dinner. At Northern Stage.

21st-23rd February

The story of Rapunzel is brought to life at Northern stage by BalletLorent. Suitable for everyone over 7.


Monday 11th February

The Rolling Clones are at the O2 Academy...another tribute act comes to the Toon.

Monday Night Reggae including Lively Up at the Head of Steam 

Tuesday 12th February

The 3 Tuns Showcase in Gateshead including Cyan Cureus, Exit Route, Kato and Karnival Kids

The Kerrang Tour with Black Veil Brides, Chiodos, Tonight Alive and Fearless Vampire Killers.

Wednesday 13th February

Feed the Rhino are at the O2 Academy. Screamo metal at its finest.

Thursday 14th February them so they can buy real instruments. (pic from their website)
Album launch at the Cumberland Arms for folk trio Tyde. Sparkling folk music with influences from all over the UK.

Friday 15th February

Live Music at the Central, Gateshead with Death to Indie, Beth Macari, Louis Adams and Them Things. Get your tickets here.

Saturday 16th February

Big Beats Bronson at Hoults Yard ...the beats are big, the bass is bigger, and I like it. It is large.
Big Beats Bronson ...just blending in.

Example is at the O2 Academy.

The Skatoons are playing the Cornerhouse..highly entertaining ska covers band.

Sunday 17th February

The Tipping Point "Roundhouse Rising" Showcase at the Sage Gateshead, Emerging artists brought to you in conjunction with Generator. Playing are Mausi, Eliza and the Bear Death at Sea and Amy Holford.


Monday 11th February

The Suggestibles will be doing a night of impro and randomness..seriously talented "off the cuff" comics. At the Stand, High Bridge.

Tuesday 12th February

Simon Mannery- Fylm-Makker : a highly original blend of stand up, video techniques, animation. Imaginative and avant garde comedy.

Sunday 17th February

And this looks brilliant! Finally, a comedy show for kids to take their bored adults to! Newcastle Kids Comedy Club at the Stand. With funnies suitable for kids 8 and above and an opportunity to knock up your own lunch from ingredients laid out. I'm seriously considering this, I know a small person who's been asking to join us on a comedy night for the last 2 years. Doors 12pm starts 12.30. £4 a head.

And that's all for now. The blog will be back when I've found the next big thing, seen a great show, or some cracking theatre..and I'll be reviewing, not so much giglisting from now on.

Listen to the show and hear some great music from the gigging bands on NE1fm 102.5 on Monday at 12pm! 

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