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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Jo, where to go?

So what's all this then? What am I up to? Well, I've been blogging on behalf of a certain PR company for a while and feel, well, I may as well do some independent blogging, then I can focus it in my chosen direction. This ain't my job, I do it for the love of Northeast Culture after all. What I want to do is provide a source of new music, comedy and theatre reviews, as well as letting you know what's going on. Going on? Where? Well, Northeast England is where I get up to most of my gigging, theatre, comedy. So most of it will be there. I do sometimes escape abroad for festivals, so I'll be telling you all about that. You still there? Coming up soon will be a review of the keenly anticipated (in our Pratchettphilic house anyway)" Carpe Jugulum" at the People's Theatre in Jesmond. I promise to make these blogs full of info and bonny pictures. This, I've just done on my phone. Cripplingly jumpy and hard to get around. I'll not be doing that again. Til we meet again...

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