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Freya Beer - Newcastle Bobiks date

 Freya Beer

New Single:“Siren”out now, via Sisterhood Records

+ Announces Rescheduled Newcastle Date

Tuesday 23rd November 2021 - Bobiks, Newcastle

The bewitching alt singer-songwriter Freya Beer has confirmed her rescheduled UK tour dates for November & December 2021 - including a show at Bobiks in Newcastle on 23rd November. Hailed as a “a raw and thrilling new talent”, Freya Beer is a singer-songwriter from West London. Inspired by art and literature, alternative fashion and music, Freya distils her disparate influences through a gothic soul and devil-may-care spirit that dares to dream in the darkness. She returns with her first new music of 2021: “Siren”. The track is cut from her highly anticipated debut album, scheduled for release later in 2021. 

Originating from West London but currently residing on the south coast, Freya Beer deftly mixes poetic lyrics inspired by Charles Bukowski or Anne Sexton, with a distinctive gothic noir of Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and David Lynch.

The latest addition to her canon, “Siren” is a fine case in point. An intoxicating brew of lyrical incantations and artful mystique, paired with arrangements of a piercing intensity. 

Taking its title from the J.W. Waterhouse masterpiece The Siren, Freya’s single finds her unearthing new secrets in those channels of renaissance art and mythology, while re-appropriating the feathered flare of 70s era glam in her own shadow. As Freya elaborates:

“Ever since I began writing I’ve always turned to art for a starting point on my songwriting journey. I’ve found I work best visually, hence why I like to research into a lot of art/films/photography to improve my skills. Sonically, the guitars in particular were inspired by Roxy Music’s album For Your Pleasure.”

Although initially written and recorded in Manchester back in 2019, “Siren” has been given a fresh look for 2021 with the track re-recorded, mixed and mastered with Pete Hobbs (from The Boy Least Likely To), with whom Freya also recorded worked with on previous single “Arms Open Wide”. Laying her commanding vocals and ensnaring guitar hooks down at home, live drummer Owain Hanford added the percussion from his base in Hereford. 

While 2020 proved a major stumbling block for many artists, for Freya it was a year of breakthroughs and self discovery. Earning repeated airplay on BBC6 Music for her single “Dear Sweet Rosie”, her follow-up single “Arms Open Wide” repeated the pattern before being listed in The PRS' Top 20 Songs of 2020. Utilising the enforced time away from the live stage to her advantage, Freya began to experiment with a series of timely covers; casting her unique spell over classics like John Lennon’s “Nobody Told Me”, Lana Del Rey’s “Happiness is a Butterfly” and Donovan’s “Season of the Witch”. A darkly inviting cover of Slade’s “Merry Xmas Everybody” also saw Freya raise cash for Salford’s Loaves & Fishes food bank, for whom she also played several online fundraising gigs during the lockdown. 

Discovering new audiences and in-turn more about herself as an artist throughout the year, these creative experiences provided a powerful stimulus in finalising her debut album: ‘Beast’. Completed between London and Manchester, the record is due for release later this year via her own Sisterhood Records.

To coincide with the album release, Freya has a major UK tour planned for November this year. Shows include Newcastle Bobiks in Jesmond on Tuesday 23rd November.

Newcastle show details & tickets: 

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Pauline Murray New Album & Sage gig


Pauline Murray

New Album ‘Elemental’ Now Out On Polestar Records

Gateshead Sage Headline Gig Announced For 6th May 2021 Playing The 1980 Invisible Girls Album In Full

Tickets: #Ad


“There’s a genuine beauty to Murray’s melancholy and existential pondering. To these ears, she’s never sounded better.” Mojo

“One of the most optimistic voices of the punk age.” Uncut

“The Penetration legend simply never disappoints.” Vive Le Rock

“The album’s mix of innocence and inner strength works its pleasant pop charm, recalling vanished times yet crucially fired with optimism for the future.” Record Collector

Pauline Murray, singer, songwriter and performer with iconic first-wave punks Penetration and 80s pop ensemble the Invisible Girls releases her third solo album ‘Elemental’ this week!

The highly anticipated and now critically acclaimed album started life in 2016 and was recorded in France during October 2016 and completed at their own Polestar Studios, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2019, and continues her long-term partnership with 
Robert Blamire.

In other news, today Pauline can announce that she will be performing her 1980 Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls album in full at two dates in May 2021, on the 6th in Gateshead at the Sage 2, and on the 8th at the London Tabernacle. Pauline will also be performing tracks from ‘Elemental’ and other favourites.

These shows join her previously announced tour with The Psychedelic Furs in April/ May where Pauline will be playing tracks from the Invisible Girls, but not the album in full, mixed with other tracks from her career. These performances were originally intended to be 40th Anniversary shows but Covid has forced them into the 41st for a belated celebration!

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls album played in full confirmed on the 6th May 2021
at Gateshead Sage 2 

‘Elemental’ album track listing:
1. Secrets
2. The Gambler
3. When We Were Young
4. Shadow In My Mind
5. Weeds
6. After All
7. Chains
8. Dark Clouds
9. Missing
10. Unbroken Line
Find Pauline Murray online at:

Dead Famous People's new album ‘Harry’ out on Friday 9th October 2020 on Fire Records.

Dead Famous People's new album ‘Harry’ out on Friday 9th October 2020 on Fire Records.

"Bob bought a DFP single which we both really liked, we were drawn to the mystery of the band's name and the melancholy tone of Dons' voice." Pete Wiggs - Saint Etienne


“There was a sense of excitement that something special was happening." Martin Phillipps – The Chills


Dons Savage is an unparalled talent, a savant of the perfect melody and lyrics which both touch and bite, a throwbook to the Carole King’s and Gerry Goffin’s of Brill Building pop, an instinctive penseuse besting the originators of the Riot Grrrl movement by responding to their conversations of rage and sexuality and finding a place in the world some years before the initial sparks of that particular revolution had even begun. Dead Famous People’s first real album, 'Harry', is now being unleashed to the world.


Dead Famous People first emerged in the 1980s, releasing on the likes of Flying Nun and earning praise from the likes of John Peel, who invited them in for a session. However, things didn’t work out and to the dismay of many fans, they never released a proper album. Three decades later Dons was tracked down by Fire Records and given the opportunity to finally enter the studio to record. Somewhat more philosophical than her earlier work, Harry is an album that feels like the right one for a world of apocalyptic pandemic, uncertainty and quarantine. It begins with a healthy scoop of Dons' earlier humour in 'Looking At Girls' (expertly mixed by Dave Trumfio) wherein a woman learns of her lover's car crash only to be told the cause was, well, look at the title. 'Goddess Of Chill' is a paean to the forces of artistic inspiration in the face of 'a little worry here, a little chorus there'. 'Dead Bird's Eye' is a parable of environmentalism through the misdeeds of a small child.


Throughout these songs, Dons' power over melody and knack for profundity in a single simple line is unchanged since Dead Famous People's original incarnation. Harry is a rare record in a time of musical factionalism and a world divided into camps of wilfull obscurity and grotesque mockeries of stardom and art, a document of unadorned perfection which will make as much sense to you at sixteen as it will when you're sixty.


'Harry' is released on standard black LP and CD on the 9th October 2020 via Fire Records.

Black Sabbath Bassist Geezer Butler To Reissue Three Solo Albums

 Black Sabbath Bassist Geezer Butler To Reissue Three Solo Albums

‘Plastic Planet’ (1995), ‘Black Science’ (1997), ‘Ohmwork’ (2005) To Be Made Available On Vinyl For The First Time!
Vinyl and CDs Out October 30th via BMG

The nineties were a testing time for many of rock’s iconic leaders of the seventies. The nostalgia era that is now an industry of its own had yet to really come to prominence and many of the musicians who were there at rock’s dawn were left floundering as the new decade rolled around and an innovative and fresh wave of ‘alternative’ rock dominated the music world.

None of this fazed Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler however, who, as chief master of the heavy metal originators heavyweight bottom-end and the lyrics that gave voice to the monolithic riffs that the band made their trademark, didn’t rest on his laurels and created three solo albums of forward-thinking new music throughout those years. 
1995 saw the release of his first solo album, ‘Plastic Planet’, followed in 1997 by ‘Black Science’, with ‘Ohmwork’ completing the trilogy in 2005. All three albums are now being made available for the first time ever on vinyl, with both CD and LP using newly updated cover artwork and all will be available via BMG on October 30th.
Plastic Planet’ was originally released under the name g/z/r and featured Burton C. Bell of Californian industrial/groove metal pioneers Fear Factory on vocals and is considered a classic of 90s metal. The album perfectly melded Geezer’s roots in doomy blues rock to the industrial influenced metal sound that was a key element in pushing the genre forward in the nineties.
Alongside Bell for this recording was a long-time collaborator of Geezer’s, Peter Howse (nicknamed ‘Pedro’ by Butler, from a character in the TV show ‘Four Feather Falls’), Howse was a founding member of the Geezer Butler Band in 1985, and has written and played in all versions of GZR/Geezer. Drums were handled by Deen Castronovo, providing the pounding rhythms that propel the heavy grooves and mechanical metallic edge on ‘Plastic Planet’. Lyrically, Butler channelled technological, sci-fi and dystopian subjects mixed with the social issues tackled on ‘Drive Boy, Shooting’ and ‘The Invisible’; themes that perfectly matched the then futuristic sounds within.

Returning in 1997 with ‘Black Science’ and originally released this time under the name Geezer, this album saw Butler once again working with drummer Deen Castronovo and guitarist Pedro Howse, and like ‘Plastic Planet’, was produced by Butler and Paul Northfield (Rush, Alice Cooper, Suicidal Tendencies, Dream Theater etc). Bell was unable to provide vocals this time due to commitments with Fear Factory, but his industrial boots were more than adequality filled by the then completely unknown Clark Brown who stepped up to the plate and delivered an impressively powerful vocal performance over the album’s high-energy and heavy power grooves. 
It wouldn’t be until 2005 that Geezer would get the chance to continue his solo explorations, having returned to Sabbath for the 1997 edition of Ozzfest, remaining in the band ever since, but in 2005 he released ‘Ohmwork’, this time under the name GZR. Once again the recording was undertaken with Clark Brown on vocals and Pedro Howse on guitar, the difference this time being that drum duties were handled by Chad E Smith (the veteran St. Louis drummer, not the Red Hot Chili Peppers percussionist of the same name).
With ‘Ohmwork’, gone were the industrial metal influences of the previous decade, but Butler still steadfastly refused to hark back to the past and kept everything contemporary, drawing on influences, as a keen follower of music, on everything that was happening in rock at the time. From the pedal to the metal of ‘Aural Sects’ to the epic, neo-psychedelia of ‘I Believe’, ‘Ohmwork’ was a fitting finale to Geezer’s solo album trilogy.

Pre-order the albums:

Find Geezer Butler online at:


Take #TheSurvivalTour bike ride!


How can you cycle further than from Land’s End to John O’Groats in the UK?

Take #TheSurvivalTour bike ride!


The Survival Tour

Utilita Arena Newcastle

3rd October 2021

Six industry professionals support #WeMakeEvents with 1,500km fundraiser


Starting at Utilita Arena Newcastle on Saturday 3rd October and finishing in London on Sunday October 18th, five industry stalwarts (plus one driving the bus!) will cycle between 80 and 125km per day, representing the UK tour season that never happened this year. Stopping off at over 50 of the most iconic festival, tour and performance venues that have all been standing empty, dark and silent, since the start of lockdown, all in all the tour will cover over 1,500km. (See tour locations and route map below.)


The tour aims to raise awareness of the plight of the million-plus workers in the UK events industry, a sector regarded as the best in the world, to raise funds for Backup #WeMakeEvents’ chosen charity that provides help to employees, freelancers and their families suffering in the entertainment sector, and to kick off ‘RESTART’, the next phase of the #WeMakeEvents campaign.


The five riders and driver of the support vehicle, provided by Crossland Bussing, all have established careers in the events industry, having worked with the biggest names in the world including Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Roger Waters, Florence & The Machine, Mumford & Sons and more. Heading up the initiative are Steve Reynolds and Loud Sound colleagues Mike Trasmundi along with. Mark Ward of Proper Productions and colleagues Harry Ford and Tyler Cole-Holmes,


According to Steve Reynolds it was so important, professionally as well as personally, to try to help. “Having worked in the entertainment and events business for so many years we all felt we HAD to do something, both to raise awareness to the public, who rarely see us behind the scenes, and inform the Government of the impending collapse of this sector, one that has grown year-on-year and is regarded as the best in the world, and is on the brink of collapse.


“Most of our friends and colleagues work in this industry, we know their families and they are suffering. In fact, it’s like a big extended family, and we couldn’t stand by and let it just disappear without trying to help. So, to anyone reading or listening, please come and join us (it’s imperative for safety and COVID compliance that everyone has to register) or, if you can, make a donation on our donations page, thank you so much.”



3rd October: Newcastle > Northallerton

4th October: Northallerton > Leeds

5th October: Leeds > Manchester

6th October: Manchester > Warrington

7th October: Warrington > Sheffield

8th October: Sheffield > Nottingham

9th October: Nottingham > Coalville

10th October: Coalville > Birmingham

11th October: Birmingham > Oxford

12th October: Oxford > Bristol

13th October: Bristol > Glastonbury

14th October: Glastonbury > Bournemouth

15th October: Bournemouth > Portsmouth

16th October: Portsmouth > Brighton

17th October: Brighton > London

18th October: London (travelling between landmarks)


Gary White of #WeMakeEvents added, “We’re delighted Steve and the team are helping in this way. It’s a typically generous gesture that we’re used to seeing from this industry. We’re extremely aware that many in our industry are suffering a sharp decline in their mental health  and, with little or no work or income for the past six months and no prospect of jobs until at least spring 2021, it’s important that we all pull together and raise funds to help them. If you’re thinking of joining the ride, why not invite an industry friend who might be in that position to get involved to join you for the day and be a part of it.”


To get involved you must register at and join the team for a day’s ride, or, if that sounds a little too energetic, you can help by donating to the charity on


Covid-19 statement


Underlining the professionalism of the industry, the event hosts have taken all the necessary precautions and worked with authorities to ensure the safe running of the event and that social distancing will be complied with.


Do not attend if you, or anyone you have been in contact with, has had any Covid-19 symptoms in the last ten days.


Please adhere to social distancing and try to keep no less than 1 metre away from anyone who is not from your household or in your bubble


About #WeMakeEvents

Our industry is important and contributes billions of pounds each year to the UK economy. Due to COVID-19 it needs immediate help. We want our future to continue to create millions of memories with the stories to match – it’s what we do best.

Without significant and immediate support, the entire live entertainments sector supply chain is at risk of collapse. #WeMakeEvents is a campaign to raise public, government and media awareness in support of the live events sector which employs over circa 1,000,000 highly skilled people in the UK, all of whom have had no work for the past four months, with little likelihood of restarting until Spring 2021.

The campaign is being run by a large and growing industry collective of trade bodies, businesses and freelancers affected by the shutdown, all working together. It spans online and social messaging, video, case studies and legal outdoor events to gain media attention, with specific activities having occurred on 11th August and the Global Day of Action on 30th September, our voice is beginning to be heard.

Our aim is to have significant financial support extended for the people and companies in this sector until they can return to work. We call on you to stand as one, united in our common cause to save our industry. Join our campaign #WeMakeEvents to get the UK Government to act now for immediate and sustained financial support by visiting #WeMakeEvents.


On The Web:

·         Website address - offical:        https//

·         Facebook:@wemakeeventsoff:

·         Twitter: @WeMakeEventsoff:

·         Instagram:@wemakeeventsofficial:

·         LinkedIn:wemakeevents-official:

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Stockton Globe Exclusive: Paloma - The Infinite Things Tour


Stockton Globe Exclusive:

Paloma - The Infinite Things Tour

Paloma Faith with special guest Josef Salvat.

Stockton Globe
Saturday 9th October 2021

Tickets are on general sale from 10am Friday 2nd October from ATG Tickets: #Ad


This is a new Paloma Faith, an artist who has retreated within herself and found not the careful, polished veteran of show business, but the 22-year-old art student being led by her own creativity.

Paloma wrote most of the songs for her new album, Infinite Things, before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world. Then we went into lockdown, and she ripped them all up and started afresh. She spent her downtime creating, learning to engineer her own music and just thinking about the world.

The enforced downtime was creatively fruitful and taught her that she had been on a sort of conveyor belt of music and promo. The lockdown gave her the space to take stock of her frenetic career, and decide what is meaningful to her. She is emerging from lockdown with a new sense of her priorities which has seen her reconnect with her roots steeped in creativity.

Supporting Paloma will be special guest Josef Salvat.

ATG Proudly Present: Stockton Globe

Situated in the heart of Stockton High Street, Stockton Globe originally opened its doors in 1935. During its life as an entertainment venue it has played host to many international names from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Sadler's Wells Ballet and the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company.

Tickets are on general sale from 10am Friday 2nd October from ATG Tickets: #Ad

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Preview: Sound of Springsteen at Sunderland Empire

The Sound of Springsteen
Sunderland Empire
Sunday 11 April 2021

The Sound of Springsteen take to the stage for the second year of touring in 2021. After two years of getting the show together, and one year of touring in 2019, crowds, fans and theatres have given such high reviews from all over the UK.

With a passion for the work of "The Boss", the eight piece tribute The Sound Of Springsteen brings their years of live performances and recording to rock you with Bruce Springsteen's greatest hits and deep cuts. With songs like, Born In The USA, Glory Days, Streets of Philadelphia and many more, this is a night of passion for Springsteen, and we are back in year two, Bigger and Better.

On The Web:


Sunday, 5 July 2020

Preview: CAST Newcastle Academy on Sun 16 May

Reschedule ‘All Change’ 25th Anniversary Tour 
For April & May 2021

Liverpool legends Cast have rescheduled their eight date UK tour and added five new shows in Oxford, Leicester, Southampton, Sheffield and Edinburgh. The tour scheduled for October2020 will now arrive on Sunday 16th May 2021 at Newcastle’s O2Academy.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Cast’s debut album ‘All Change’. Originally released on 16th October 1995 (with a deluxe edition released in November 2010) it became the highest selling debut album in the history of the Polydor label. The album, recorded and mixed and Manor and Sawmill studios with producer John Leckie, produced top twenty hit singles ‘Finetime’ followed by ‘Alright’ with Sandstorm’ and ‘Walkaway’ both reaching the top ten.
The tour kicks off in Oxford on 29th April 2021 with line up John Power - vocals/guitar, Liam ‘Skin’ Tyson – guitar and Keith O’Neill – drums, with Jay Lewis on bass duties.
John Power explains ‘The All Change album will always be special to me and the band, it was our debut album, it captured all the energy and all our hopes and it was packed to the hilt with great songs. We’ll be playing it in it’s entirety on the All Change tour’
Tickets available now from: #Ad

The full list of tour dates is as follows:
Thurs 29th April – Oxford – O2 Academy
Fri 30th April – Leicester – O2 Academy
Sat 1st May – Birmingham – O2 Institute
Thurs 6th May – Cardiff – Tramshed
Fri 7th May – Southampton – Engine Rooms
Sat 8th May  – London – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Thurs 13th May – Sheffield – Foundry
Fri 14th May – Glasgow – SWG3
Sat 15th May – Edinburgh – Liquid Room
Thurs 20th May - Liverpool - O2 Academy
Fri 21st May – Manchester – O2 Ritz
Sat 22nd May – Leeds - O2 Academy

Freya Beer - Newcastle Bobiks date

  Freya Beer New Single: “Siren” out now, via Sisterhood Records + Announces Rescheduled Newcastle Date Tuesday 23rd November 2021 - Bobiks,...